Investment Focus

Our primary goal at Tempus Partners is to back great founders building unique companies. We approach this objective with open minds and look forward to discussing how backing you will help to realise your vision.

But, what do we mean by unique? We mean companies and pioneering founding teams with a breathtaking ability to execute on their plans, even at an early stage, to build a unique competitive advantage.

Large Markets

We’re looking for companies operating in vast, global markets that can support their growth. Don’t get us wrong, if you can win big and build a monopoly high-value company in Australia, then do it, we’ll back you! But whether you’re operating in a competitive space, locally or globally, your product and vision must be compelling and differentiated.

Customer Insight

As founders, you must truly understand your customer. Whether this discernment develops due to you experiencing the problem yourselves, or because you’ve worked in an industry with high-friction problems not evident to existing players, we look to founders for this insight because it’s critical in identifying and adapting to new opportunities. Explain why your product is valuable, why your market is important and how your experiences reinforce your vision.

Early traction & sustainable metrics

We love companies that can scale from a low base off very little capital. While we understand growth needs investment, we’d like to see evidence you have built your company off a low cost base and achieved early customer success. From this point, we look for sustainable metrics, short to medium sales cycles and recoverable returns on customer acquisition.

Products & business models

Our investment principles guide our decision making, with a focus on the following product features and business models

Intelligent Technology & AI.

The capacity for intelligent technologies to predict, adapt and then improve the engagement between businesses and customers is a massive opportunity-changing industry especially in markets with limited adaptation and innovation. We are looking to invest in those building off incumbent learning API’s and companies solving valuable niche opportunities in high-value markets.


SaaS is not a dirty word. The beauty of SaaS is that customer’s cashflow-finance product development and sales, so we love backing software companies leveraging the benefits of subscription revenue.  We’re not necessarily seeking low-priced products, but rather game-changing companies that open up markets with super valuable products.


We love startups that simplify the collection, analysis and application of data into networked end-products (software and hardware). You may be delivering this via intra-customer efficiency, interfaces that capture new data autonomously or subscription products that re-format data for the benefit of new customers via network effects.

Reimagining Assets.

We want to explore how money, property, personal assets and public infrastructure might be owned and managed in the future. This could include remodelling or replacing static systems outdated by rapid technology change, altering uses and our understanding of ‘real assets’, or introducing new products that wipe the slate clean of old-world practices.


The term ‘marketplaces’ is overused and often tied to shitty unit economics and dreams of winner takes all markets. We’re looking to invest in B2B focused companies that intermediate sustainable high-value customers and third-party suppliers. These may be wholly new services, or where new technology may wedge existing value chains where supply and demand patterns already exist.


Products that are natively mobile, or optimised to mobile for downstream users such as Slack, Scout & Figure 1.