Investment Process

Our investment process and framework is highly structured, yet we approach each investment opportunity with open minds and look forward to discussing how backing you will help to realise your vision.

Process & Framework.

While we meet a lot of companies at pitch events, a warm introduction is the best way to get our attention. Initially, you'll meet with one of our team who will become your Tempus Partners lead. Our investment process aims to understand who you are, your vision and why it's important to you and your customers. This preliminary due diligence may take a few meetings and we'll definitely ask a lot of questions and challenge your assumptions.

We want to know how you can reach your goals faster, where we can assist and how you'll use the capital we invest in your business. If we're keen to explore an investment, you'll get to know the other team members. If it's a 'no', we'll tell you quickly.

Once we decide to make an investment, you'll be provided with a term sheet, our timelines and any further questions we need to answer in regards to due diligence as our investment committee requires unanimous sign-off on an investment.

How long does it take?

The investment process typically takes between four and 10 weeks, subject to your preparedness, due diligence and our internal processes. Above all, we want you to be growing your company, so we do our best to reduce the impact on founders’ time and make a decision as quickly as possible.

If it's a 'no'

Should you simply be too early, or not fit our mandate, the road doesn’t stop with ‘no’. We’re happy to recommend other investors or accelerator programs which might suit the company you’re trying to build, just ask.


We typically look to terms similar to those enclosed in the standard AVCAL docs for Australian companies, SAFE note or Series Seed documentation for US-based companies.

Extra support

If you need support from lawyers, accountants or alternate advice, we’re happy to make a third party introduction with experienced professionals who regularly act for startups and companies we have invested in.


We are partnering with founders. If you’d like to understand what that’s like then just ask, we’d be happy to introduce you to our portfolio CEO’s.