Tempus Partners backs high growth startups across multiple stages

Investing from our second $40M ESVCLP fund, we back B2B and globally scalable startups. We don’t focus on singular sectors or attempt to predict the future. Instead, we look to the most ambitious founders and their vision when understanding what is coming next.

Investment Focus

We are searching for exceptions to the rule, those uniquely ambitious companies with an opportunity to scale quickly.

This means your chosen market needs to be big! Your market insights must highlight your customer value and explain why your product is important. Your company must demonstrate early traction and metrics that indicate a level of sustainable growth.

Companies with the following product features and business models are of interest:

  • Subscription (Saas)
  • Reimagining assets
  • Intelligent technology
  • Data analytics driven
  • Mobile-oriented
  • Intermediary/Marketplace models

Investment Process

Our investment process aims to understand who you are, your vision and why it's important to you and your customers. We focus on four key areas when it comes to understanding companies:

  • Your team should be inquisitive, adaptable, dedicated, driven by solutions, with a deep market insight.
  • The product vision must be clear and demonstrate technical achievability and metrics that matter.
  • The opportunity must show clear differentiation, product market fit and customer acquisition.
  • The context must highlight a clearly defined problem with a clearly defined solution and a rational business model.